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How Much Protein Do I Need To Eat?

Protein is the body’s main building block that plays an essential role where muscle, tendon, organ, skin, enzyme, hormones, neurotransmitters, etc is concerned. If you don’t get enough, your body could suffer. But how much protein do you really need to eat?

The average woman should consume about 45 grams of protein daily, or between 10% to 35% of your daily calories should come from protein. However, I would like to add that the right amount of protein an individual needs is affected by several factors including lifestyle, activity levels, weight loss or if you lifting weights to build muscles.

Are you among the following people with special protein needs?

  1. The dieter

You aim to lose body fat while maintaining lean muscles for effective weight loss. Properly portioned foods rich in protein help keep you full longer so that you stick to your diet more effectively. Your daily protein requirement is 0.35g to 1g/lb of body weight.

  1. The semi-vegetarian

You eat mostly vegetables but sometimes include chicken and pork in your diet in an attempt to get enough protein for your daily need. You require about 0.36 grams of protein for every pound of your body weight.

  1. The strict vegetarian 

You solely rely on pure vegetables but add beans and whole grains for your protein needs. Your daily protein range for every pound of your body weight is 0.36 to 0.86 grams.

  1. The fitness buff

You actively take part in sports and other physical activities. You regularly workout and because you know your protein need is twice as much, aside from your regular diet, you also take protein supplements. You need to have at least 0.7 grams to 1.6 grams of protein for every pound of your body weight.

Some women have higher protein needs such as those who are pregnant or lactating. They generally require an extra 10% of the recommended daily value to ensure they don’t suffer from deficiencies.

In general, a serving of meat, poultry or fish that is the same size and thickness of your palm or no more than 1/3 of your plate is fine. You should consume no more than 2 servings of that in a day. It is better distributed in your body if you spread your consumption throughout the day and not take it in one bulk.

Why Is Breakfast So Important For Weight Loss And General Health

Breakfast is the day’s most important meal and it is also
connected to weightbreakfast loss. That said, you might want to start asking what’s for breakfast if you want to maintain an ideal weight, lose weight or simply have good health.

Below are a few simple facts when it comes to breakfast and weight loss:

  • Years of different studies established that young adults who ate breakfast had better metabolism and lower body mass index or BMI. They were also less hungry for the entire day compared
    to those who skipped it.
  • Another study found that adults who ate breakfast tend to be more physically active because they feel energized right at the start of the day.
  • Regular morning meals help produce the enzymes that help in fat metabolization that leads to weight loss.

Healthier food choices means a healthier you in many aspects. Have you gone to school or the office early morning on an empty stomach? Notice how your brain refuses to cooperate? That is brought about by hunger. In short, breakfast allows you:

  1. Better cognitive function – memory and concentration is improved when essential glucose and carbohydrate is supplied to the brain at the start of the day.
  2. Provides the immediate energy the body needs – after fasting for several hours during sleep, morning meals literally breaks the fast to keep the body energized for the entire day.
  3. It leads to better and long term health – studies also indicated that breakfast helps reduce instances of high blood pressure, heart diseases, obesity and diabetes.

You see, becoming fit and maintaining weight is not really about not eating but eating right especially at the start of your day. So rise and dine, “breakfast like a king, lunch like a princess and dine like a pauper” and feel better.

Weight Loss Through Strength Training Exercise

If you thought weight training is about developing muscles that would make you look like a man vying for the Mr. Universe title, you got it all wrong. That thinking has misled many women into shunning the weight room. But did you know that you can go down to the size you want and fit into sexier outfits through weight training?

Here are more reasons why I recommend you try lifting weights to help you lose those extra pounds.

  • Running burns fat, no doubt. But what if you can’t run? The good news is that fat may also burn by lifting weights. In fact, when you exercise and lift weights, better fat burning happens. A study showed that those who did aerobics shed extra pounds but more are funny-comic-3eliminated when aerobics and weight lifting are combined. Those who dance-exercised and
    lifted weights looked better too. That is because with aerobics, both fat and muscles go while when combined with lifting, you tone your muscles as you get rid of fat.
  • While an intense cardio workout is essential in beating fat, there is the tendency to lose muscles too. It also does little to blast belly fat because that area needs a bit more focus that cardio alone cannot address. Combined with the right weight lifting exercises, you can lose belly fat faster.
  • Pure dieting may result in 100% weight decrease but that could mean 75% fat and 25% muscle. People who opt for this route may see themselves thinner but also likely to see loose arms and thighs and that could be unattractive when wearing tank tops and shorts.
  • Sticking to a diet plan is easier when it comes with at least 3 hours a week of working out with weights. Exercising tells the brain to tell the body to stay on track so that it sticks to its goal of losing weight. This is an effective measure against “snack sneaks” that often troubled dieters.

Keeping the Fat Away

Following at least a 3-times-a-week weight training regimen will result to fat loss, toned muscles and a body that is in shape. But if you want to keep the fat away for good, you can do cardio or aerobics in conjunction with weight lifting. Do that and you will enjoy the image looking back at you when you look in the mirror. As a final advice, seek the help of an expert to help you adjust the amount of weight and the degree of difficulty to give your muscles the variation they need.

Below is a free 15-minute Killer Abs exercise video!  Now you are out of excuses, start strength training.  For more streaming exercise videos, go to:  http://workoutsondemand.com

Managing Your Weight During the Holidays

There is something about the holidays that I feel so glad about. It is as if I am back to being a child enjoying the different colored lights, the chill in the air, the shop-till-you-drop mode that everybody seems to be into and oh the food, glorious food! Don’t get me wrong. I am not Unknown22saying you can cheat on your fitness journey and simply let the unwanted pounds set in just because it is the holidays.

So what I am really saying? That with careful planning and enough discipline, you can welcome December with so much gusto and not necessarily spend January regretting it all. Here’s how you can manage it:

  1. Stay active

I should tell you now that you are not to entirely blame the food. The holidays can keep you really busy that you tend to neglect your regular workout routine. So by all means, stay active, not necessarily in the gym. For instance, use the stairs to go from floor to floor while shopping in the mall.

  1. Stick to your healthy diet

Yes the holidays would mean a lot of food but I’m sure there is always a healthier option offered. Shy away as much as you can from foods that are too sweet or laden with so much fat. You may sample a small amount but be sure to fill up with more fruits and vegetables so that you are not tempted to try more of the unhealthy offer.

  1. Attend parties but come half-full

This was one of the smartest things I have proven to work when I can’t say no to a party invitation. I never attend on an empty stomach therefore I am able to stay in control of what I consume.

  1. Drink right

If you think that it is only the food you need to watch, I must remind you that even a tumbler of gourmet coffee topped with high-calorie whipped cream could be detrimental to weight control. What I’m saying is avoid liquid calories ladies.

  1. Do your best to exercise despite the frenzy

As long as you can exercise even in small bursts will contribute in keeping the pounds away. If a straight 30-minute workout is not possible, try a short 15-minute exercise in the morning upon rising and another 15-minute routine in the afternoon or between breaks. Whatever it takes just so you can squeeze it in.

6.  Be realistic…and cut yourself some slack!

Lastly, it’s ok to enjoy yourself over the holidays, to indulge on some of your favorite foods, and even to miss a few workouts.  Other times, you can modify your workout, and simply do a short ab workout, or a walk around the block, or maybe a short pilates exercise video.  Just stay active, and choose your desserts and treats wisely.  Below is a free Pilates workout, and it’s only ten minutes long…you can do that!  For more workout videos like this, go to: http://workoutsondemand.com

What is Plyometric Exercise? And Can It Help Me Lose Weight?

When I first heard about Plyometric exercise, I became curious and wanted to know more about it and this is what I have learned. It is a muscle power increasing technique originally developed for competitive athletes. It involves dynamic resistance routines to strengthen the muscles by means of jumping and hopping hence the other known name for Plyometrics – Jump Training. I personally enjoy how the movements are very similar to the movements engaged in tennis, football, skiing and other similar sports that involved a lot of leg muscles. I can guarantee that the benefit is explosive lower body power and I engaged in it to know if it can also effectively help lose weight.

The main idea behind Plyometric exercise is to subject the body in two ways: first, the eccentric phase – the stretching of the muscles in a rapid manner; second is the concentric phase – the speedy shortening of the muscles. The results include:

  1. Strengthened muscles that help boost vertical jumps.
  2. Lessened risks of joint impacts through reduced force.
  3. Improved muscular contraction power with strengthened myotactic reflex.

The more I did Plyometric exercises, the more I learned that different muscle groups are alsorbfb_33 stimulated so I continued and saw how fat loss is improved at the same time. With Plyometrics, my performance became better so did my strength and endurance, coordination and agility. And with all of these working together, can fat transformation into lean muscle be far behind? My answer is the same as yours! As an added bonus, because of the ignited caloric burn, the perked up heart rate is another benefit to enjoy.

Spice Up Your Workout

I know how you feel when it seems you have hit a plateau in your workout. But think of the different kinds of jumps there are in Plyometrics: straddle, sumo, squat, lunge, hop over, hopscotch, skater and plank lifts – all these could help spice things up. Practice caution though because these are very high impact exercises but trust that whether you want strength, general fitness or weight loss, this program can help you achieve them.

Doing the workout up to 5 times a week can help you trim inches off your belly and hips in about a month. You will observe how your muscles, nerves and tendons are challenged but you’ll be amazed at how fun it can be. Best of all, all you need is to jump and something to jump on. No fancy equipments needed. So go ahead. Jump for Plyometrics joy and lose that weight.

Below is one plyometric exercise called “The Skater.”  It’s a great way to strengthen your body and burn fat at the same time.  For more exercise videos like this, go to:  http://workoutsondemand.com

Fitness On A Budget

Let’s face it. Times are hard that everyone is holding on to their purses. But should that mean giving up on becoming fit? No way, Jose! Health is wealth and staying fit is important. You see, exercise can be easy on the pocket or even free.

Walking or Running

Surely you already own a pair or running shoes so you can do this form of cardio exercise. It will cost you nothing but fat loss and I know you’d love that. Not only is it easy on the wallet, you also need not fight your way to get to the treadmill first when in crowded gyms.

If you on the plumper side and need to lose a significant amount of weight, I suggest you try plan-awalking first. For starters, do a daily walk of 20 to 30 minutes faster than your normal pace then slowly adapt distance, time and speed as you become more fit by the day. Already fit and able to run miles? Then, “Run, Forrest, run!” It’s absolutely free!

Online Exercise Videos

Pilates, yoga, aerobics and other exercise videos – name it and likely you’ll find one online. I constantly add to my library of online workout videos that you’ll never run out of options from easy to difficult depending on what you require without having to spend a dime.

Equipment-less Exercises

Can’t buy a pair of dumbbells due to budget constraints? You can still do calisthenics using weights to tone those biceps, triceps, deltoids and more. Simply fill 1000ml plastic water bottles or milk jugs with water and voila – free weights for you!

The Universal Solvent – Water

Do you have any idea of the amount of sugar in sodas or other ready-to-drink fruit juices? And yes, they cost money! I am a living witness to people who lost an easy 25 pounds of unwanted weight by just drinking water instead of sodas and saved $$$ too!

Eat for Less

Less money, that is. Yes, eating out is less effort but it means more money spent. Why not prepare your own meals and get to choose the right food towards eating healthy? Opt for more fruits and vegetables and buy the ones in season. They generally come cheaper. Did I mention they are a healthier option too?

Cliché as it may seem but it’s true: if there’s a will, there’s a way. I know because I’ve seen friends who effectively treaded the path to fitness while sparing the Benjamins.