How Does Drinking More Water Help Me Lose Weight?

Water is a universal solvent. That is a fact. But is it a magic formula to lose weight? I’d say YES and NO.

There have been several conflicting researches about whether or not drinking water can help in losing weight. Even popular professionals have different statements. A famous cardiologist believes water can help shed unwanted pounds because you consume up to 200 calories less a day after by drinking a few more cups of water a day. An internal medicine doctor however said Funny_picture_dog_drinking_water_fountainthat the mere addition of water in your diet will not help. Yet, he also added that drinking more water means drinking less sugar-laden drinks and that could help in losing weight. I can only agree because too much sugar consumption is a major culprit in weight gain. The more sugar you put in, the faster you grow – horizontally! Need I mention the illnesses associated with it?

Let me add some bits and pieces about the importance of water especially when you are dieting.

  • We often confuse thirst for hunger.  Next time you feel the need to eat, drink a glass of water and wait 15-minutes.  If you still want something to eat at 15-minutes, go for it!
  • If your body is properly hydrated, it works more efficiently.  And a more efficient body just naturally works better, which means more energy.  And an energized body burns more fat and calories.
  • Your liver is able to effectively metabolize body fats when you drink enough water while losing weight.
  • Water helps you turn glucose to glycogen when you consume ample amount of carbs.
  • You tend to feel full after downing a glass of water before a meal. You are then likely to eat less and less food leads to weight loss. Please note I said less food which is different from starving yourself.
  • Proper body fluid balance is maintained when you drink enough water.
  • Water is also essential for constructive metabolism to maintain nitrogen balance that helps influence muscle growth – a must for those in the fitness community.

I don’t encourage you to depend solely on water for complete weight loss. The smart way to do it is couple it with proper diet and exercise. Boosting your metabolism by drinking water is an establish premise but you also need to watch what you eat so that you reach your fitness goals more effectively. Begin and maintain your weight loss goal by limiting your calorie intake to 1200 to 1600 calories a day and by drinking an 8oz glass of water before each meal. Regular and proper amount of water intake is not only about keeping yourself properly hydrated but also about suppressing your appetite and dropping excess water weight you have. That would surely result to weight loss.