Reduce Back Pain with a Foam Roller

The back is an intricate system of tissues, bones and muscles where your low back mobility is affected by 3 important muscles. These are the quadratus lumborum connected to the pelvis, ribs and lower spine. Next is latissimus dorsi, the long and wide muscle along the sides of the back that is connected to the spine, pelvis, tailbone, arms and armpits. Third is erector spinae, the muscle that helps keep the body straight covering the mid and upper spine.

Different physical activities can cause a lot of stress to the back and make it prone to aches and pains, a typical experience among athletes and fitness buffs. Here’s how you can reduce back pain using a foam roller.

  1. The low-back roll

Position the roller under your low back. Bend one knee and place your foot on the ground as you Foam-Rolling-Lower-Backhug one knee close to you. From the base of your rib cage, do a slow but steady roll down to the top of your glutes. Do up to 12 rolls then do the same on the other side.

  1. The glute move

Comfortably position the roller under your glutes. Allow one ankle to rest over the knee of other leg. Roll slowly up to 12 rolls then repeat switching leg positions from left to right.

  1. The hamstring distance

Just right below your glutes is your upper hamstring where you must position the foam roller. With your right leg crossed over your left leg, let the roller go up and down, the distance covering your glutes and the top of the back of your left knee. Switch leg positions and repeat after 12 slow but sure rolls.

  1. The iliotibial band or IT band assist

Place the roller behind your upper thigh with you lying on your side so that your legs and arms are able to support the movement. Allow the foam roller to run the entire IT band covering the upper maxresdefaultpart of your thigh down to the area above your knee. Do a roll of 12 then switch sides.

Often, knotted muscles cause the pain and the foam roller is a cost-effective solution to fix that pain away. Through these exercises with the foam roller, self-myofascial release happens through massage and flexibility combination. Aside from its therapeutic benefits, you are in essence re-training your muscles. This may help prevent low-back pains from coming back.