Making Exercise Fun Again

Even for elite athletes, exercise can, at times, get a bit boring.  But the biggest reason for this, is that we tend to do the same exercise routine over and over.  And even if we change the intensity, or the format slightly, we find ourselves burned-out with exercise.  That’s why variety 10914354_782450048469162_679469164_nis the key.  And I don’t mean simply changing the cardio from the Elliptical Trainer to the Treadmill, I mean getting creative and getting out of your comfort zone, at least once or twice a month.

Below are a few ideas to get you started, but this will only work if you start brainstorming and come up with a few unique ideas of your own.  Think about your lifestyle and your lifestyle, and create a few things that you can easily throw into your exercise routine on a regular basis.

Break up your regular 30-minute workout into three 10-minute workouts:
You can do this a number of different ways.  The first set can be cardio, the second can be strength and the third can be Pilates.  Or you can do your first Ten before work, the second Ten during your lunch break, and your last set after work.  The idea is to change your regular routine once in a while.

Do a 5K charity run/walk:
One of the many great things about doing a 5K charity run/walk is that you have to register for the event in advance, which gets you committed to the event in advance.  Make it a family event.  Many of these races have kids races before the 5K, this is a great way to teach your kids that exercise can not only be fun, but since the race is for charity, you can teach them about giving back to their community.

Try a Tabata style workouts:
I love, love, love Tabata workouts, especially if I want to add variety to my workout.   These are fast paced workouts and they be done in about ten minutes.  The basic premise of Tabata-style workouts is this.  After a 5-8 minute warm up:  20 seconds high intensity exercise, 10 seconds rest.  Repeat that four times, then rest for one minute.  That is one Tabata.  Try to complete between two to five Tabatas.  A few ideas for the 20 seconds of exercise would be:  push ups, plank, jumping jacks, squats, lunges, running.  But the goal is to feel fatigue at the end of the 20 seconds.  If you don’t feel fatigue at the end of the 20 seconds, try adding intensity the next set.

OK, I’ve given you three ideas.  Now take that and create some ideas that are unique to your environment and resources.  Try shaking up your routine at least twice a month.