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Exercise With Your Kids

Is exercise a challenge? Yes, I believe to most individuals, it is. It may be doubly difficult for busy parents. But don’t kids emulate their parents? Why not encourage one another into exercising because the chances of kids exercising are high when their parents are into it and vice versa.

Do I hear, “I’m a parent; I juggle parenting and work and I don’t have time to workout,” from some of you? I can understand that but I know you know the importance of regular physical activities. If your kids don’t see you engaging in fitness regimes, they might not see it as something significant to stay healthy, energized and fit.

So where do you begin? I hope it is as simple as playing tag which kids love and exercise problem is solved. However, it involves more than that such as how to fit exercise into your schedule. A little planning can go a long way so read on.

  • Introduce the idea to them as early as possible

From the time they are small until pre-school, show your kids the beauty of exercising. Do some toning exercises while they play in their cribs. Squats, push ups and tricep dips are ideal. Burn some calories by dancing with them every now and then. Go for a brisk walk in the park as your push the stroller or ride a bike together.

  • Do activities together as they progress to grade school.

Children love spending time at the park, running and doing all sorts of childish games. I have 0nCPP16014seen kids work on the monkey bars with ease. Why not try joining them sometimes and see for yourself that is does your upper body good. There are some activities that I enjoy doing and I have witnessed how kids love doing it too and these are biking, rollerblading and skating. How about asking your kid to a race up and down the stairs and see who finishes at least 3 rounds first? Or what about letting them pick out a dance-style exercise video?  Let them choose the video, and do it together.

  • Work out with your teenagers.

I love fun runs because they are exciting. I get to meet a lot of people who share the same interest of becoming physically fit. And because teenagers love socializing, they are sure to love the activity too and it could be a great way for both parents and their teens to engage in an activity that benefits them physically. If running is not your kind of thing, there are other activities to enjoy such as playing basketball, tennis or simply doing house chores like gardening, raking leaves, mowing the lawn.







I know how beneficial regular workouts are that is why I as much as I can, I encourage you to engage in them whether you are single or married and with children. Won’t you agree with me when I say exercising with your kids is a nice way to enjoy a quality family bonding time?

Supercharge Your Workout Program

If you think that the longer you workout, the better, think again! Seriously, it is about working smarter, not harder. Were it not for properly training towards my fitness, I would have thought the same too but let me tell you, it is all about supercharging your workouts.

All too often the tendency is to go hard and strong. I say think about your approach to exercising so that you can maximize the results. It has to be both physical and mental.

  • Mix it up

If you think doing the same thing over and over again on a day to day to day basis will do your body good, I am sorry to burst your bubble. Variety is the key because there is such thing as funny-exercise-routinesworkout rut so don’t fall prey. So try something new, go running, try a new exercise video, go swimming, or do Yoga. Get the job done by tricking your body into pushing further to achieve better results by mixing your exercise up.

  • Have a plan

Routine leads us to consistency, which is good for those who are training. But I suggest that it should come with a strategy. If it’s cardio, it’s cardio for the day. That is how I am able to achieve better results even when doing strength exercises. I focus on a particular target and not hop from machine to machine. I also make it a point to achieve my target that is planned in advance like beating a result achieved the previous week.

  • Commit to your objective slowly but surely

No matter how small it may be, it is good to make a commitment to your objective. Making it too grand might make your lose that fire even before you see results. When I started working out, my objective was simply to lose weight. I didn’t bog myself down with so much of a long-term goal but I kept it in mind. I focused on a day to day achievement. And before I knew it, I was well into working out. Now, there is no stopping me.

  • Have a correct mindset

Not all my days go well but I make sure to control my emotions so that no matter how crazy my day has been, when it is time for my workout, I can do so with much gusto. To me that is having the correct mindset – the determination to tread the path to fitness. I believe I will have a great workout and guess what? I do! Nothing good comes out of thinking “this is too hard, this is something I can’t do”. Push yourself towards success by letting a positive phrase motivate you into action and say “watch me do this because I can!” and enjoy the rewards.

Healthy Portions to Help You Lose Weight

Who wants food to go to waste? I sure don’t! But never will I consume an extra amount just because I’d rather put it in my body that let it go to waste. How do you prevent this from happening? Here are my strategies for eating healthy portions to a healthier you and me.

Go for single serve.

It’s not easy to see the unwanted pounds go if you go for double or family size. Try single serving sizes. They taste the same, believe me! Even if you ‘eat healthy’ by preparing low-fat, low-sugar but serve yourself a giant portion, where will that take you but to fatsoville. So instead of baking a whole cake, bake cup cakes so that at each snack time, you are not tempted to eat a whole cake slice or more but just a small piece.

Clear leftovers – immediately!

Don’t tempt yourself into eating more by seeing food at the table waiting to be consumed. Eat your fill, then quickly put away leftovers so that you don’t justify a second helping by saying it was there beckoning.

Complete a meal with healthier options.

I know it is not easy to get used to eating smaller portions no matter how you try to convince yourself that it is for the better, healthier you. I have been there and I certainly know how it feels. I satisfy my need for a full satisfying meal by rounding it off with fruits or vegetables and it works.

If it must be big, let it be healthy big.

Okay, I admit that there are times when I want to go big – but only on the healthy stuff. Food that is rich in water content but low on fat is okay hence a big portion of vegetable salad is fine. I’d watch that dressing though.

Avoid eating straight from the package.

If you must eat some snack, avoid doing so straight from the bag or the box because it can be difficult to stop yourself once you are already enjoying the food so much.

Knowing the difference between portion size and serving size (which can be cup or ounce) will help you determine the right amount to pile on your plate. Below is an idea about portion sizes based on things we see daily.

75g of fish – a check book

25g bread roll- a soap bar

75g of meat – travel size tissue pack

2.5oz of chicken breast – 2/3 of a deck of cards

½ cup of cooked pasta – a hockey puck

1 tsp butter – a postage stamp

1 cup of rice, fruit, pasta or veggie – a fist

3oz. of meat, fish or chicken – a palm

1oz. of cheese/peanut butter – a thumb

1oz. of raisins – a handful

With this, I am positive that once you have fallen into the habit of eating right with the right portion, your journey to fitness will become easy.

Why I Love Pilates!

Improvements in posture, flexibility and abdominal strengths plus significant reduction in body aches such as back and joint pains are some of the numerous benefits of Pilates workouts and some of the reasons why I enjoy doing this mat-based workout.

Many people prefer this kind of exercise. I, for one, love it and so do many other individuals involved in gymnastics, dancing and other form of performing arts. Why?

  •  Like other form of exercises, it helps keep you fit.
  • It gives you a balanced body that is strong in core areas – back, legs, stomach, etc.
  • It does not involve bulk and rigorous trainings to build strength. Some motions may be intense but they are quick.
  • Each exercise may be modified according to your body needs.

Pilates is about controlled movements, engaging both the body and mind for proper breathing, flexibility, strength and good posture. What I enjoy about it the most is that it is never boring. It is the kind of workout that has something for everyone from beginners to veterans and has MjAxMy1kMDI4MTdjNDdiMjZmZGUzbeen enjoyed by many since the 1920’s. For that I can only thank its developer, physical trainer Joseph H. Pilates.

More of what I love about this exercise:

  1. I get to enjoy defined muscles minus that unsightly muscle growth. Yes, it can give you that without having to go through painstaking weight training that can sometimes be unexcitingly repetitive.
  1. It gives me fluidity in body movements yet maintain a strong, stable upper and lower body. No wonder dancers and gymnasts are Pilates fans.
  1. With the daily activities I deal with, I cannot imagine an injury impeding how I go. But thanks to Pilates, I am able to efficiently strengthen my lower back, my abdomen and other core parts that need to be strengthened. I can twist, glide and stride effectively, not fearing any sudden sprain.
  1. This is one of the most important reasons why I love Pilates – it allows me to be stress-free! With a relaxed mind, body and spirit as a result of regularly doing this workout, I have a more positive point of view.

With Pilates, you can age with so much grace yet keep your range of movement in one piece. Whether or not your career depends on how fit you have to be, you are sure to do well from this fantastic workout because of its numerous benefits. I should know. I am enjoying them and so should you.

Using A Pilates Ring In Your Workout

Pilates mat, it’s awesome!  It’s been around since 1925, but became a main streamed workout in gyms and health clubs everywhere in 2000.  And guess what, Pilates is more popular now than ever.  PIlates strengthens the core, which is the abs, back, butt and thighs…and who doesn’t want a sleek mid-section?

New to Workouts On Demand is Pilates Ring #1 (preview below.)  By adding the Pilates Ring it Pilateswill not only increase the intensity to the core, but also engage the muscles in the inner and outer thigh, as well as add a challenge to the upper body as well.

A Pilates Ring runs between $15-25 and can be purchased at almost any sporting goods store or Amazon.

Preview our PIlates Ring #1 workout video below.  For more workout videos like this, go to:

Healthy Ways To Start Your Day

Have you had that feeling of being rushed in the morning yet feel kind of tired and without energy at the same time even if you just woke up? I hate the feeling of risking running late for everything in the morning because it can lead to a whole day of stress. Let me share with you health tips that I do to help start your day right.

  1. Early to bed, early to rise…

…makes a man happy, healthy and wise. I cannot reiterate enough how true that is! Besides, waking up 20 or 30 minutes earlier can give you a more relaxed time to stretch and prepare for the day.

  1. Enjoy the most important meal of the day.

Our body recovers during 8 hours of sleep. This can leave us hungry and thirsty in the morning. Waking up earlier allows me not only to enjoy breakfast; it also allows me time to prepare a healthy one. Doing so perks me up, rouses my metabolism right and I feel energized the whole day.

  1. Perk up your systems up with water.

Did you know that drinking water upon waking up is a way to boost metabolism? I have fallen into this habit because it also helps get my systems up and running right as toxins are flushed out.

  1. Get right on track with a “squeeze-in exercise session.”

When I know I will be busy as a bee for the rest of the day, I make sure to sneak in a short workout in the morning. Even just a quick five minute exercise video will do the trick.  Trust me when I say that it can get you right on track and will help you make healthier decisions too.

  1. Warm it up with stretching.

I understand that there are just days when it seems like everything is going on at the same time that you can hardly squeeze in a complete workout. It happens to me too so what I do is stretching-dogindulge in a simple stretching routine. Why is this important? It is a good warm up as it gets your blood and endorphins pumping. It makes my body alert and my mind focused.

  1. Written words for your morning thoughts.

What helps me balance it all out and have time to workout is when my tasks are done on time. When too much is in my head in the morning thinking of the busy schedule ahead, I write my thoughts down. If you haven’t heard about how journaling can help clear your head so that it boosts your self esteem and make you feel good, now is the time to try.

I have tried and proven these tips hence I am sharing them with you. Knowing that you don’t have to spend a dime to a healthy start of the day is an inspiration enough.