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Exercise Video Licensing from Workouts On Demand

Do you have a Corporate Wellness Program?  Or a fitness website?  Or would you like your customers to have access to hundreds of streaming exercise videos?  If so, we have the solution.  Our Exercise Video Licensing programs can accommodate all different size companies.

Our most popular licensing option is our Virtual Trainer.  Please see our same Virtual Trainer here:
With this program, we send you a new calendar of workout videos each month, so your users always have fresh and new workout videos each month.  We create the monthly calendar each month for you to host on your businesses website so that your users will never leave your website.   And since we stream the videos from our servers, we absorb all streaming fees and handle the technical aspects of streaming video content.

For more information on licensing our exercise videos, please contact Pascale Thomas with Workouts On Demand so we can access your needs and create a custom licensing option that works best for you situation.


What! Sugar Can Make Me Fat?

For years, we have avoided fat.  For years, we have focused on low-fat diets along with our exercise program.  But guess what, sugar, more than fat, is the culprit in weight gain. Did you know that most of the sugar that makes us fat is well hidden in some of the products that we enjoy since we were young? And before I forget, the more hidden sugar you consume, the more weight you gain because our liver converts this sugar into fat.

How do we identify hidden sugar from these products? We read labels. It comes in many names: corn syrup, glucose, golden syrup, dextrose, molasses, maltrose, polydextrose, sorbitol, sucrose are just some but all these mean one thing and that is sugar, sugar and sugar!

1969305_10153919499960008_577300617_nOur body’s CCK and insulin help whet our appetite, naturally. When our sugar intake becomes too much and it stops our natural ability to contain our cravings, it results to uncontrollable weight increase.

How does sugar intake become too much?

It is because of its addictive components. I’m sure you have heard of what they call ‘sugar rush’. It is that kind of high that kicks in after consuming too much sugar and dopamine is released in our system. It can actually make you feel great for a while but then it becomes addictive and makes you consume more. The result? Need I say more?

How do you break free?

You don’t really have to deprive yourself but minimize the temptation. Remove all sugary stuff from your fridge and pantry and stock up on healthier alternative.

  • Instead of biscuits, keep a steady supply of different nuts like almonds.
  • Replace sugary drinks like powdered juices with water or tea. You may also try lemon-infused mineral water, too.
  • Slowly reduce the amount of sugar in your coffee because a little caffeine can do you good but not when the content of your cup is more sugar than coffee.

Let me share with you how much sugar is in some of the typical food we see on a day to day basis. Milo has 46.4% sugar, 56.1% in Weight Watches fruit slice. Arnott’s TV snacks contain 48.6% sugar while Kelloggs Just Right Cereal has 32% and that Nestle fruit yoghurt? It contains 12% sugar.

After I learned more about sugar and how it can make one fat, I have become more conscious about labels and I suggest you do too. This will help us win our battle against weight gain. Many so-called low fat food include sugar to give them flavor so be aware of what they contain. So, stop depending upon the large font on food labels – read the ingredients.  And better yet, prepare your own food!!!  Nothing is better than a good home cooked meal anyway.

Getting Fit without Motivation

Exercise and motivation – these two words seem to go hand in hand quite often when talking about reaching a new fitness goal.  But here’s my tiny little secret:  Motivation is the WORST thing to cling to when trying to reach new heights with your health and fitness goals.  Some of you might be saying:  No way, without motivation I won’t do it!!!  I need to feel motivated.

But I’m hear to tell you to do the opposite, don’t depend on motivation to complete an exercise video, don’t look towards motivation to go to the gym for your morning workout.  So, then what?  How to stick with your new fitness routine without motivation?

Training abs.First, there’s nothing wrong with motivation.  But relying on motivation as a primary reason to exercise or eat well is the problem.  Motivation is an emotion, and it’s an emotion that vacillates dramatically throughout the day, week, month or year.  You will see more progress by finding reasons to exercise that are less emotional and more concrete.  For example, I have high cholesterol – that’s one of my primary reasons for exercise.  Don’t get me wrong, when I’m motivated to exercise or to eat well – it just comes easier.  I’m able to push harder and I finish my workouts feeling like a rock-star.  But those days are far and few between.  On all the other days, I need a different reason to put on my running shoes and do my workout.  Those reasons are going to be different for everyone, and the reasons will change throughout your life, but take some time and find out what is important to you.  Why should you exercise?  How will it enhance your life?  What type of mom will it make you become?  How much energy will it give you?

Ditch motivation as a reason to exercise.  Find a reason within yourself.  Motivation is kind of like a bad friend who’s company you enjoy.  When it’s good, it’s great – but when times get tough, that friend is never around.

Find your reason to exercise.  Find that reason that doesn’t depend on your mood.  Find a reason that will last the test of time.

Exercise and Diet Myths

There are a million exercise and diet myths out there.  Here are a few of my personal favorites:

  1. Crunches will help you get rid of belly fat (false!)
  2. Lifting weights will make a women look like a man (false!)
  3. Exercise videos from Workouts On Demand are the best (true!)….Just seeing if you are paying attention :-)

But lets go over a few commons myths in more detail.  The truth may surprise you.

Running is more effective than walking.

If you have heard about this, then you are not the only one. But is it true? It can be misleading, right? Here’s the deal: a 30-minute run may burn you more calories than a 30-minute walk would but walk the same number of miles that you run and you will discover that you burn the same amount of calories. Studies say that it is in how long not how hard you work out that matters. I don’t see why walking won’t work as effective as running.

The more you exercise, the hungrier you become.

This is a mistaken belief, trust me. You don’t end up eating more just because you exercised more. My food intake does not depend on the amount of work out I do. Let me share with youstability ball that what makes one hungrier after a workout is the food suppression before or after. Dieting is not about starving yourself then working out to make it effective. The tendency to go on a binge if you do that is high.

Dieting does not guarantee sustained weight loss.

How true is this? I will give you a “yes” and a “no” for an answer. Yes because without exercise, the weight loss would be short term. No, because if you consistently eat less and you couple that with exercise, then you are on a sure way to sustained weight loss. Why? Experts say that what keeps the unwanted kilos off for good is workout but it has to be combined with the right diet.

Total Body

No sweat means not exercising enough.

Who told you that your perspiration is your exertion gauge? You can actually burn a significant amount of calories without breaking into a sweat. Swimming is a rigorous exercise but do you see yourself sweat as you freestyle to and from?


All calories are created equal

That is not true! Nor fitness is just a matter of calories in, calories out. I didn’t simply burn calories and the unwanted kilos melted away like wax during a hot, sunny day. You see, even if there are equal amounts of calories in 2 tbsp of choco chips and broccoli, how they affect your health including your appetite and energy is a different story.

As to how these myths started, I have no clue. What I know is that each body reacts differently to diet and exercise and could have been the reason that people came up with some of these beliefs.


Avoiding Temptations along Your Journey To Fitness

Isn’t it a lot of fun to go out with the girls, see movies and enjoy juicy hamburgers coupled with delectable shakes in fancy fast food outlets? How about family dinners? I know they are moments to treasure but such moments lure you to over-indulge, tempt you to eat and make you forget about diet and exercise program.

When I made the decision to start my journey to fitness, I knew that I’d have some bad days and I’d probably “fall off the fitness wagon.” Below are just a few tips that may make your fitness journey a bit easier.  After all, you’ve invested time and money into gym memberships, exercise videos, and cute workout clothing….Why not do make the journey just a bit easier to achieve.

  1. Opt for water.

Instead of grabbing a chocolate candy bar, I drink two full glasses of water to satisfy a craving.  bikingThirst can sometimes be interpreted as hunger. Even when hungry, I drink a glass of water right before a meal. It helps me eat less.

  1. Keep them out of your fridge.

I like seeing a fridge rich with a great selection of food but instead of chocolate ice cream or blueberry cheesecake in there, I place healthy snacks like fruits so that when I feel like grabbing something to munch on I fear no evil, I mean, I do so without guilt.

  1. Out of sight, out of mind.

I see fast foods joints where I often walk so what I do is take the longer route to avoid them. After all, walking is a great form of exercise. I make it a habit to carry walnuts or pistachio nuts too. Chewing some every now & then stops my craving even if I walk or drive past any of these tempting food outlets.

  1. Prepare packed lunches.

yoga_3I know it is difficult to avoid eating at the nearest fast food restaurant during a lunch break at work when it is conveniently there waiting for you. I strongly suggest that you make time to prepare a packed lunch that is composed of healthy selection. No good in packing lunch that contains all the grease you don’t need.

  1. Keep teeth clean as often as possible.

I always carry my waterless toothbrush and breath strips with me at all times for a constantly fresh and clean teeth. This effectively helps keep me from eating cakes or other fatty foods when I am out with friends.

If you find yourself giving in at the first sign of temptation while on your journey to fitness, then try these tips I shared with you. It is not easy but with the right attitude and stern determination, it is achievable.

What’s The Most Effective Home Workout?

As a fitness professional, I get this question all the time…What is the most effective home workout?  It’s probably right up there with “How can I get a firmer fanny”, or “how do I get rid of arm flab.”  And the answer is really quite simple:  The most effective exercise program is the one you enjoy.  It’s that workout that you find some sort of pleasure in.  Or that exercise video that you really connect with. Or that workout plan that makes you feel challenged AND successful at the same time.  Now, I’m not saying that this workout will always be fun or something that is easy to accomplish, but it’s that fitness program that grabs your attention and gets you moving.

So the next question would naturally be, “what are my options?”  Listed below are my personal favorites.

  1. Bootcamp style workouts:  These workouts are great if you like calisthenics , and don’t want a dancy type workout.  Cross-Fit is a great example of Bootcamp Workouts.  Just remember to take these workouts at your own level.  The workout should challenge you, but not kill you :-)
  2. Running, Run/Walking, or Power Walking:  Find a local 5K in your area and sign up.  Don’t wait to sign up, do it now.  It will give you a deadline.  And don’t worry if you are “slow.”  Because believe me, slow is relative.  Choose your race between 4-8 weeks from the start of your training to give yourself time to work up to the distance.
  3. Dancy, Zumba Style:  These are just fun! And if you are like me, I am more apt to do something regularly when I have fun.

trainingLastly, don’t be surprised if what you find enjoyable changes over time, or even though out the month.  Make sure to have a variety of workout options, for your varying moods or energy levels.  Reward your body with movement.  Believe me, your body wants to move, it wants to be healthy.  And if you move more, you will get healthier.  And healthy feels so, so good!