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Take a moment and read about our instructors and you will find instructors who are nationally certified and have a minimum of five years experience. But more importantly, they really love what they do! And they are thrilled to be able to offer you home exercise videos via Workouts On Demand.

Leigh Anderson
Cardio Kickboxing and Total Body Toning

My interest in fitness came out of a triumph over adversity. In 1996, I suffered a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament with damage to the Medial Meniscus cartilage. After full knee reconstruction surgery, I found myself faced with the daunting challenge of a year of strenuous rehabilitation. A very patient and skilled physical therapist helped guide me into making a career out of personal health and fitness. He taught me to listen to my body in a whole new way. In 1997, wanting to help others the way my physical therapist helped me, I got my Personal Training certification though the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA).

  It was in Los Angeles in 1998 that I really discovered the fun and fitness benefits of group exercise. I had been enjoying the satisfaction of one-on-one training, when I was inspired by a great, dynamic instructor at a women-only gym in LA. She showed me how group exercise could be personal and individual, while incorporating the fun of the group dynamic for a whole new level of exercise experience. Several group exercise certifications though AFAA followed--I found I really excelled at constructing creative, powerfully motivating classes. Kickboxing was where I started, but I discovered that I really enjoyed experimenting with unique classes combining resistance training, plyometrics, interval training, martial arts, core strengthening, step aerobics and more.

I love challenging myself and my classes with new ideas and techniques. One things for sure, my classes are never boring! I'm often referred to as the Although instructor, but only because I expect you to put in 100% when you take my class. But don't worry, you can count on me to push myself as hard as I push you!
Diane Goldman
Yoga, Cardio Dance, Stability Ball and Total Body Toning

20 years ago, I received a two week free pass to a brand new gym. After enjoying a few classes at this club, I was asked by the management to stand at the back when participating because I was making the teachers look bad. Two weeks later, I was asked to teach and haven't stopped since. Shortly after starting to teach I received my certification through AFAA as a Group Exercise Instructor, then 2 years later, received an additional certification through AFAA as a Personal Trainer.

I just love movement and getting a great work out. I believe people have to enjoy their workouts to stick with them. Some may prefer the endorphin high they receive from aerobics, some may crave the calm and stress release of yoga, while others enjoy the sheer joy of dancing....whatever it is....just do it and stick with it. With continued practice, exercise can absolutely change your life! I hope you'll find my love of fitness contagious and motivating, and my teaching style gentle and encouraging.
Pascale Thomas
Step Aerobics, Low Impact and Total Body Toning

19 years ago, after experiencing my first broken heart, I needed a distraction and I thought "Hey, why don't I teach aerobics." I had started taking classes 6 months earlier and thought, how hard could it be? I had no idea the challenges that lay ahead. I put together a routine and went to a tiny health club in Santa Rosa, CA and I was hired on the spot. I taught my first class 3 days later, and I was horrible. But I really enjoyed it so I sought out professional training and received my certification thru the American Council On Exercise (ACE). 19 years later and with over 20,000 classes under my belt, I'm still teaching, and I love it more than ever.

I really enjoy it when I get a new student who has never taken a class before. Many times they are nervous and say "I'm really uncoordinated" or "I can't do this". I just smile, welcome them and watch the transformation. Within just a few weeks of continued practice, they realize that they can do something they never thought possible.
Sequence-Rashad ("Kieu")
Cardio Hip Hop

I've been dancing since the age of five. When I discovered that performing was my forte, I began to study music and the arts formally at the East Bay Center of Performing Arts, where I was introduced to Indian, African, Ballet, Modern, Latin, and Mexican styles of dance, adding to my already rooted Latin and Hip-Hop skills. In 2003, my Bay Area Hip Hop Team, Hypnotik Groove took the State by storm, sweeping up 1st place trophies regionally. Later that year, we excelled through Nationals, to be the first U.S.A. Team to compete in the International Hip Hop Competition held in Bremen Germany. I returned home with the passion to teach locally and throughout Northern California.

Aside from choreographing for various singing and dance groups, I teach beginning to intermediate hip-hop movement to ages 7 through adult; pin-pointing such basics as: special awareness, isolations, strength, balance, groove, and technique, as well as some of the popular commercial dances, both new and old school.
Jessie DeHaven
Cardio Kickboxing, Step Aerobics, Total Body Toning, Yoga and Pilates

I started taking group exercise classes for the same reason a lot of people do--I needed to lose weight.  I had always been a chubby kid and was never good at sports or dancing.  So, when I was 11 years old, I begged my mom to take me with her to aerobics class.  At that time, aerobics was all about high impact Jazzercise, done to disco hits while wearing leotards and legwarmers...and I loved it.  One reason I loved taking classes so much was it was a place where people were encouraging and non-competitive. And even if you missed a step here and there, the instructor told you that you were doing a great job. 

By the time I got to high school, I knew that I wanted to teach group fitness.  I became certified 12 years ago through the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and started teaching step and high-low aerobics.  Since then, I added strength training, kickboxing, cycling, aqua, pilates and yoga to the mix.  In addition to teaching classes, I am the group exercise director at a racquet club and  have recently started presenting Instructor Certification Seminars for AFAA .

Each day I teach, I am grateful to my students for the energy and enthusiasm they bring to my class.  I thank you for working out with me and I commend you for taking this step towards a more fit and fulfilling life.
Sabin Morris
Pilates Mat, Total Body Toning and Stability Ball

Sabin began her teaching/coaching career at age 14, assisting her figure skating coaches with classes and younger skaters. Knowing that teaching movement classes was the direction she wanted to go in, she began working as a Health-Fitness Specialist and Personal Trainer in corporate fitness centers and commercial clubs after earning her degrees in Psychology, Nutrition and Exercise Physiology at Cal State Chico. She then began teaching group classes and has never looked back!

Sabin is certified through ACSM, AFAA, and The Pilates Coach and her classical Pilates training was done with Josie Riley, owner of Pilates of Santa Cruz and Stella Lorvan, professional dancer and Pilates instructor for over 20 years. Sabin is currently a Presenter and Master Trainer for The Pilates Coach and has begun faculty training with Balanced Body University.
Kameron Drobish
Piyoga, Core Training and Total Body Toning