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All-Fours Calf Stretch: This gentle stretch is done on a mat, and feels great! It will stretch out the calf muscles, and help you feel more relaxed. Give it a try!
Balancing Half Moon: This intermediate to advanced Yoga pose does so many things! It will enhance your balance, stretch your inner thighs and strengthen your core, what's not to love?!
Butterfly Stretch: The Butterfly Stretch is a static stretch that stretches the muscles through the inner thigh and groin, as well as your lower back.
C-Spine Stretch: If you want a gentle stretch that will relax the muscles in your upper back and shoulders, this stretch is for you! You can even do it sitting in a chair.
Chaturanga Pose: The calming Yoga pose strengthens the shoulders and triceps while enhancing mobility in the back and abs.
Child's Pose: This wonderfully relaxing pose is used in both Yoga and Pilates. In Yoga, its used to rest between posed, and in Pilates it is used to reset the spine between exercises.
Cobra Pose: This traditional Yoga pose stretches the core and strengthens your back and arms.
Cresent Lunge: The Crescent Lunge is a great way to strengthen your thighs and gluteus muscles and helps to enhance flexibility in the hip flexors and improve balance.
Dolphin Pose: Dolphin pose is truly an all-in-one posture. It strengthens the shoulders, upper back, arms, thighs and core while providing a deep chest and hamstring stretch.
Down Dog Plank: Strengthen your abs and shoulders, while stretching your calves by combining two great exercises: Plank and Down Dog