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Burpee : This full-body move will burn calories, strengthen your entire body and is a great addition to any workout program.
Curtsey Lunge: The Curtsey Lunge strengthens the entire body, and we also show options that will raise your heart rate and strengthen your core and enhance your balance.
Dancing Crab: This full-body exercise will train your entire body, but focuses mostly on your core and legs.
Diamond Push Up: By changing the position of your hands, you can target your triceps while doing a push up.
Down Dog Plank: Strengthen your abs and shoulders, while stretching your calves by combining two great exercises: Plank and Down Dog
Drop Squat: A great variation of a basic squat! By adding plyometric-type moves within the Squat, you can take your workout to the next level.
Figure Four Squat: This squat variation is a great way to add variety to your existing squat workout. The exercise is done on one leg and will strengthen your entire lower body as well as your abs, and enhance your balance.
Flowing Push Up: This gentle push up is a great way to add push ups to your workout routine without feeling overwhelmed. It combines a modified push up with Child's Pose for an effective chest workout without being overbearing for the beginning exerciser.
Kettlebell Deadlift: Strengthen your entire lower body with this challenging variation of a squat.
Kettlebell Swing: Kettlebells are wonderful exercise tools, and the Swing is one of the most popular moves! Learn this exercise and strengthen your hips, glutes and thighs, and even increase your heart rate to burn fat.