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100's - Pilates: The 100 Pilates move got its name because you hold the exercise for 100 beats. The Hundred gets your breath going strong and your blood moving. It is also an excellent exercise for increasing core stability and abdominal strength.
Back Extension On The Ball: This move will help to strengthen the muscles in the lower back and the glutes. And by strengthening those muscles, your can reduce back pain and enhance posture.
Balancing Half Moon: This intermediate to advanced Yoga pose does so many things! It will enhance your balance, stretch your inner thighs and strengthen your core, what's not to love?!
Bicycle - Pilates: This classic Pilates exercise helps to strengthen and stabilize the back, the hamstrings and the hip flexors.
Boat Pose: The Boat Pose is not only a Yoga pose that will strengthen your entire core, but all strengthen your quads and hip flexors.
Bridge: The bridge exercise is a great way to strengthen the gluteus muscles and hamstrings as well as enhance stability throughout your core.
Bridge On The Ball: By adding a stability ball to the exercise "The Bridge" you will intensify the move, as well as help to enhance your balance.
Can-Can: This wonderful Pilates move is great at strengthening and toning the obliques and the thighs.
Cervical Nod: The Cervical Nod is a technique used in most pilates classes, and can be used while doing standard crunches and many other abdominal exercises.
Chaturanga Pose: The calming Yoga pose strengthens the shoulders and triceps while enhancing mobility in the back and abs.