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All-Fours Mini Squat: Strengthen your entire lower body, your core and your shoulders in this simple, but effective exercise. No equipment needed.
Bridge: The bridge exercise is a great way to strengthen the gluteus muscles and hamstrings as well as enhance stability throughout your core.
Bridge March: The bridge exercise is a great move, but the bridge-march takes it to another level and strengthens the hamstrings, glutes lower back even more than before.
Bridge On The Ball: By adding a stability ball to the exercise "The Bridge" you will intensify the move, as well as help to enhance your balance.
Burpee : This full-body move will burn calories, strengthen your entire body and is a great addition to any workout program.
Chair Pose: Chair pose is a Yoga posture that primarily strengthens the thighs, but also strengthens the arms and shoulders and enhances a sense of well being and balance.
Corkscrew: This high-intensity exercise helps to strengthen the abs and stretch and massage the spine and the back muscles.
Cresent Lunge: The Crescent Lunge is a great way to strengthen your thighs and gluteus muscles and helps to enhance flexibility in the hip flexors and improve balance.
Curtsey Lunge: The Curtsey Lunge strengthens the entire body, and we also show options that will raise your heart rate and strengthen your core and enhance your balance.
Dancing Crab: This full-body exercise will train your entire body, but focuses mostly on your core and legs.