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100's - Pilates: The 100 Pilates move got its name because you hold the exercise for 100 beats. The Hundred gets your breath going strong and your blood moving. It is also an excellent exercise for increasing core stability and abdominal strength.
5 Principles Of Pilates: Learn the basics of Pilates Mat and get more out of your workouts and see results faster!
All-Fours Calf Stretch: This gentle stretch is done on a mat, and feels great! It will stretch out the calf muscles, and help you feel more relaxed. Give it a try!
All-Fours Mini Squat: Strengthen your entire lower body, your core and your shoulders in this simple, but effective exercise. No equipment needed.
Arnold Press: This is a great variation to the standard shoulder press, and it will strengthen the shoulders.
Back Extension On The Ball: This move will help to strengthen the muscles in the lower back and the glutes. And by strengthening those muscles, your can reduce back pain and enhance posture.
Balancing Half Moon: This intermediate to advanced Yoga pose does so many things! It will enhance your balance, stretch your inner thighs and strengthen your core, what's not to love?!
Bent Over Row: Grab your hand weights and learn to strengthen the mid back in this easy to follow move.
Bicep Curl: Using either hand weights or resistance tubing, learn the basics of this classic move to strengthen the bicep muscles.
Bicycle - Pilates: This classic Pilates exercise helps to strengthen and stabilize the back, the hamstrings and the hip flexors.