• Have the body you have always wanted.
  • Feel strong, vibrant and sexy.
  • Experience a more beautiful you.
Just answer a few questions below and
move one step closer to the ideal you.


What is your current fitness level?
I've always know I should exercise, and I'm ready to get started. Show me a plan especially for me.
I used to exercise all the time. I don't' know what happened! I'm ready for a fresh start.
I've been exercising for a while now and I will consider myself fairly fit.
Challenge me! Make me sweat! I'm really fit and I want a workout that will make me cry!

Tell us about your ideal workout:
(choose one or two)
Who has time to workout! I want to pay someone to exercise for me!
Short! Heck, I hardly have time for a shower.
I'm new to working out, lets start off nice and slow.
I'm limited on time, but I'm thinking around 20 minutes per workout.
I'm ready for a challenge, 30-40 minute workouts sound good to me.

Tell us about your goals:
(choose one or two)
Have George Clooney to take me to the Academy Awards next year.
Tone me up! Sculpt my body! Turn me into the woman I want to be.
I don't want to build muscle. I just want to have nice curves.
Loose a few pounds. Get me back into my favorite jeans.
O.M.G., don't tell anyone...but I need to loose a lot of pounds!
My life is crazy. Reduce my stress and increase my energy.
Give me beautifully sculpted abs.
I've got some back pain. Please help me live pain-free.

What type of activities do you like?
Getting my hair and nails done.
Just tone me up. And don't make me think too hard.
Don't make me think too hard. Just make me look amazing.
Seriously, I have two left feet. And that's on a good day.
I love to dance. Get me moving and grooving to a cool new beat.
I'm a former cheerleader and I want to learn some new moves while I workout.
I don't like to sweat, but I want to feel more energized.
Weights and cardio are just not my thing, but I want to feel like myself again.

Advanced Step #1
Creative Step workouts don't have to be impossible to follow! This one will make you feel challenged while you feel successful! What a great combination.. Length: 35 minutes.
Advanced Step #2
If you love Step aerobics, this one is great! The moves just flow from one to the other while you get your heart pumping and buring tons of fat. Length: 33 minutes.
Advanced Step #3
You asked for it and you got it! More great Step choreography and a longer workout! So, grab your Step, a towel and water bottle - cause this workout is going to knock your socks off! Length: 40 minutes.
Advanced Step #4
Do you love a well-choreograhped Step workout that makes you sweat and smile? Then this workout is for you!
Advanced Step #5
Join Tracy for a fun and challenging Step workout with challenging choreography and great energy.
Advanced Step #6
Let's face it, Tracey not only has a great Step workout, but she has amazing energy. Try this workout today and experience an awesome workout and an instrutor that never runs out of energy. Length: 35 minutes.
Advanced Step #7
This 43-minute Advanced Step workout will teach you some new moves, while weaving in a few of your favorites from Pascale's previous workouts. Length: 43 minutes.
Barre Fit #1
Unleash your inner ballerina with this barre workout that focusing on strengthening your lower body and abs Length: 31 minutes
Barre Fit #2
Take your barre workout to the next level by adding in light hand weights to your workout! Length: 31 minutes
Beg. Cardio Kick #1
Learn all the basics of cardio kickboxing with this easy to follow workout. Length: 23 minutes

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