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Two to Tango:  Fitness for Busy Moms and their Active Children

Few things in life are more rewarding than that look of adoration in your little one’s face.  As a mom, you’ve made it your business to love, protect, and care for your children, better than anyone else.  Because life can get so hectic, personal fitness, for busy moms like yourself, is often sacrificed to spending quality time with your kids.  However, what many women don’t realize is that they can get an effective workout and enjoy one-on-one activities with their children at the same time. 

 Fitness for Busy Moms with Babies

When your child is an infant, workouts for two can be as simple as finding a gentle workout video that uses a baby carrier as part of the program.  The carrier should, of course, be placed on your front. If your baby is young and can’t support his or her head, the carrier must allow you to have your child facing you.  It should also provide the proper support to safely hold your little one’s neck and head. 

Strength-training fitness for busy moms is possible as well.  A great place to start is “peak-a-boo crunches”. Placing your baby facing you on your lap while you do standard crunches allows you to play peak-a-boo with every upward, tummy-tightening motion.  If you want to strengthen you arms, chest, and back, try some “playful push-ups with baby,” by placing your baby between your arms, so his or her face is directly under yours.  As you do your push-ups, each time your face moves towards your little one’s, share kisses, blow raspberries on his or her cheeks, or make a funny face.  Start with three sets of 8 – 10 repetitions for each activity, at least 3 times a week.  Work up to 15 repetitions.   

Fitness for Busy Moms with Toddlers

If you have a toddler, carriers and simple strength training exercises likely won’t engage your little one.  Luckily, there are other fun activities you can do together, and fitness for busy moms with one- to three- year- olds can take a number of forms.  If your toddler is younger, pushing him or her in a stroller while you go for a brisk walk or jog is a simple way for both of you to get fresh air and enjoy the out-of-doors.  To further involve their children in the activity, some moms have them kick their legs along the way. 

While stroller activities are an effective method of fitness for busy moms, they are not quite as helpful for the kids.  A more interactive choice of exercise is to engage daily in activity songs together.  Songs that involve actions, like clapping, galloping, waving arms, and spinning around are endlessly fun.  Some favourites are “ring-around-the-rosie”, “I’m a little tea-pot”, and “The Hokie Pokie”. 

Fitness for Busy Moms with Preschoolers

Once your child is four and is gaining stronger motor skills, it’s quite possible that your preschooler will enjoy dancing along with your own fitness routine.  Online workout programs provide you with a number of fun activities, brought right to your home.  Some online workout programs allow you to choose shorter programs, especially well-suited to parents whose children’s attention spans are still developing.  Choose a program that appeals to you, but one with high energy.  While the majority of online workout programs aren’t designed for children, your child may enjoy mimicking your motions or simply moving along to the music. 

Aside from online workout programs, you and your preschooler can also go for walks together, chase each other, and, of course, play active games and sing action songs.  A trip to the local zoo, a stroll through the park, and a kite-flying excursion are all every-day things that you can do to add fun and fitness to your time with your child.  Whether you choose indoor games, outdoor activities, or online workout programs, physical fitness for busy moms with preschoolers can be both fun and effective.

Whatever you choose to do, getting active with your children will ultimately benefit both of you in the long run.  By keeping your body healthy, you are ensuring you will be in the best state to care for your kids, and, at the same time, you are providing them with a positive role model for life-long, physical fitness.  You are also giving your children opportunity to be active while spending time with their mom!  Fitness for busy moms like you may be difficult, but, when done deliberately with your children in mind, it can be a valuable addition to any weekly routine.






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