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Clean Sweep:  Loosing Weight While Keeping The House Clean

Three weeks ago, the chaos around me might have been almost amusing if it hadn’t been so utterly depressing.  The house was a mess.   Pizza boxes were stacked up at the end of the coffee table, children’s toys were scattered throughout the living room, the large wilting plant in the corner had been knocked over, and, due to my toddler daughter’s new fascination with her reflection, the mirrored closet was a muddle of tiny finger prints.  I had a growing box of clothing that no longer fit me, and I’d never felt so far from the super-mom I planned to be when embarking on the adventure of parenthood as I did at that moment.  Maintaining a clean home and high level of fitness, for busy moms like me, was far more difficult than I ever imagined it would be.

Today, my mirrors still have fingerprints, but the clutter is virtually gone.  Better than the fresh scent of cleaner surrounding me, however, is the satisfying fact that I have begun to unpack that box of once too-small clothing.  The key to weight loss and fitness for busy moms, I’ve found, is to combine it with every-day cleaning tasks.  In fact, fitness, for busy moms, can become synonymous with housework. 

The first step, of course, is to set aside some time for your housework/fitness.  For busy moms like you and me, finding extra time in a day can be difficult.  Luckily, all it takes is about 30 – 45 minutes every second day.    The next step is to figure out what tasks need to be done and make a list.  You may want to start with a broad, overall tidy.  When you work at an even, steady pace, you will inevitably burn calories.  Activities like vacuuming, vigorous dusting, and mopping floors can help you work up a sweat.  When you’re cleaning the counter, use large, broad motions.  If your laundry machine is in the basement, take down laundry baskets one at a time.  Hanging up or folding laundry?  Put on some great music and move your body while you work.  This type of fitness for busy moms is easier to justify than leaving the home for a gym class – and even more productive! 

Cleaning for fitness, for busy moms, may feel more manageable if you organize your tasks into rooms or sections.  For instance, perhaps every Monday you’ll want to do the kitchen and bathroom.  Sweep and mop the floors, wash down the appliances and counter-tops, wash the walls, wash the windows, sort the recycling – all at a firm, quick pace.  Extra time or energy?  Wash the inside of the fridge or stove. 

By committing yourself to regular cleaning, you can lose weight and increase your physical fitness.  For busy moms, cleaning with fitness in mind can be exactly what is needed to regain a sense of control in hectic lives.  For me, discovering the fitness benefits of cleaning my home was what I needed to motivate me.  Now, I’m fitter, happier, and more energetic, and I am enjoying my organized home.  To be honest, though, I like the fingerprints.







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