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Finding Time to Exercise When I Can 't Find Time to Breath:

How Fitness for Busy Moms Can Be Possible

When I quit my job to be a stay-at-home mom, I must admit I envisioned lazy afternoons, lunch dates, the occasional pedicure, and long hours at my favorite gym. Little did I realize that being a mom is actually a full time job. The endless nappies to change, errands to run, dinners to cook, and laundry to wash quickly illuminated how much I had to learn. With dishes and diapers piling up, the chance of a pedicure was about as likely as winning the lottery without a ticket.

Much to my dismay, not only did a gym workout become a distant memory, but even showering was a time-luxury I could rarely afford. Fortunately for my family, before throwing in the towel – so to speak – I discovered that fitness for busy moms isn’t quite as absurdly impossible as I was beginning to think.

The Gift of the Afternoon Nap
I’ve recently noticed that there are few things as beautiful as the face of my sleeping child. All traces of the mischievous grin have miraculously vanished, and tears and temper tantrums are long passed. Naps are also one of the times where fitness for busy moms like you and me becomes possible. The key to using this break for fitness, however, is planning ahead. If I’ve only decided to do laundry and dishes, it will be easy to talk myself out of a quick nap-time workout. If I’ve intentionally set some time aside for fitness, though, it becomes a part of my daytime responsibilities, and a very rewarding one at that.

Working out with Baby-on-board
Exercise is no longer only for the gym. I don’t know about you, but the vision of a sweaty treadmill jog or a faded stationary bike doesn’t inspire me to sacrifice the time needed for such activities. Fitness for busy moms needs to feel much more productive, more rewarding, and, for me, at least – more fun. What it needs, of course, is a child. My baby carrier was my best friend when finding time to exercise. It allowed my little one to stay close to me as we walked for groceries, took the stairs rather than the elevator, and even – after six months – danced and did aerobics. As she grew, the stroller became her mode of transportation, and even a trip to the mall became physical exercise, the stroller allowing us to move at a consistent, quick pace. With the right equipment, fitness for busy moms with babies becomes more than fitness: it becomes an experience.

Bite-Sized Fitness for Busy Moms: Using Online Workouts
Naturally, since fitness for busy moms must be squeezed into an already full day, activities may have to be short. Whether the kids are sleeping, playing, or at school, time is an issue. Online workouts offered me a simple solution by bringing the gym into my home. No worries about choosing clothing, finding child care, or making time to travel. With a number of different programs offered in a variety of time frames, I saw how using these online workouts could make fitness for busy moms possible.

With some careful planning, you don’t have to choose between a shower and exercise! Whether you use nap time, baby carriers, online workouts, or some other method, fitness for busy moms like us can become a wonderful reality.






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