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Finding Serenity Through Fitness for Busy Moms


It’s been a hectic week, as usual. You feel over-worked, under-appreciated, out of shape, and almost completely drained of energy. You adore your family but you wish you could find some time in your week for you.

As busy as life is, it’s not surprising you often find yourself at the bottom of the list. Playing cook, chauffer, teacher, accountant, cleaner, event coordinator and wardrobe manager is more than a full time job. With your countless responsibilities, meeting the many needs of your family can leave you feeling like you don’t have time for fitness. For busy moms like you, however, making health a priority is vital. Various workouts for women can increase energy, prevent unhealthy weight gain, tone muscles, and help prevent osteoporosis later on in life. They can also drastically improve your frame of mind.

Fortunately, fitness for busy moms is possible. In fact, fitting physical activity into what seems like an already full schedule is easier than you think! Effectual workouts for women can come in a number of forms tailored to provide fitness for busy moms; you need only find the ones that best suit your lifestyle.

Daily workouts for women with young children
One of the simplest types of workouts for women is walking. As a lower intensity form of fitness, for busy moms, extra walking can make a world of difference. By providing yourself with more opportunities to walk within your daily routine, you can significantly increase your activity level. If you’re running errands in nice weather, for instance, park your car farther away than usual. Or, when possible, don’t drive at all. Infants and small children often love the soothing motion of a stroller, and, much like you, find the fresh outdoor air revitalizing. If your errands require a visit to the second floor of a building and your child is small enough, bring an infant carrier and take the stairs. Walking can make fitness for busy moms with children a regular part of the day and is one of the most effective types of workouts for women.

Another way to enjoy the outdoors with your younger children, while stepping up your activity, is by jogging. Most jogging strollers are designed to facilitate fitness for busy moms by allowing the seat to recline, making it possible for you to combine your child’s nap with time for yourself. Although beginning a jogging program may seem challenging at first, it can offer an excellent opportunity to spend quiet time in thought, listen to music, or simply breathe in the peacefulness of the day. Jogging is also among the higher impact workouts, for women and men alike. Differing from some easier workouts for women, jogging is known to build lean, strong muscles, especially in the legs and core.

Online Exercise Videos
Finally, ideal workouts for women, especially busy ones, can take the form of structured fitness programs, like online exercise videos. Due to the high demands on your time, going to the gym can be impractical, and hiring a personal trainer can be expensive. An excellent alternative is to look at online exercise videos. With programs ranging in time from as little as five minutes to full length choices of over half an hour, online exercise videos are specifically designed to provide efficient, fun, effective fitness for busy moms. From core strengthening to cardio kickboxing to low impact aerobics, online exercise videos offer activities for everyone, along with convenience and low cost.

Finding Your Serenity
Whatever activity you choose, make sure it’s something you enjoy. Whether you combine it with your daily routine or your child’s nap times, or you just decide to take a few minutes for yourself each day, fitting exercise into your life is a choice you won’t regret. The serenity offered to you by a variety of workouts for women will be appreciated by your family as well, since they too can enjoy a healthier, happier version of you.






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