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Hey Sexy Mama: Awakening the Woman within the Mom 


With a kid on our arm, a mop in hand, and cookie dough in our hair, it’s no wonder we have difficulty feeling attractive! Fitness for busy moms often seems like an impossible luxury, and workouts for women like us don’t seem to exist. Where we once felt sexy, we now feel functional.

Fortunately, it is possible to be both a stellar mom and a stunning woman; we just need to know where to start. Fitness for busy moms can begin once we change the way we look at our health. Active individuals often find a dramatic improvement in energy, mood, and outlook. Workouts for women are about more than just shedding extra pounds.

Fitness for Busy Moms Begins Within
Feeling sexy begins on the inside. Exercise first works on the inside as well. When a person exercises, the brain releases endorphins, which results in feelings of elation and satisfaction. Engaging in various types of workouts, for women and men, also builds self-confidence. Whether it’s jogging, swimming, or using online fitness videos, fitness for busy moms helps us feel beautiful.

A Variety of Workouts for Women
Workouts for women should, of course, include activities that suit our lifestyle and personality. Aerobic workouts for women come in a wide array of forms. DVD or online fitness videos are especially versatile. DVDs can usually be rented from local libraries, and online fitness videos can be downloaded directly to home computers. One advantage of online fitness videos in promoting physical fitness for busy moms is that, contrary to both DVD versions and gym memberships, online fitness videos don’t require moms to leave the home. Moreover, they allow us to squeeze in a quick workout during children’s naps or have the little ones dance along.

Toning that Body!
Fitness for busy moms isn’t just cardio. Once we’ve started moving, its time to tighten those muscles. All effective workouts for women should involve strength training. Toting a toddler around is great for shapely arm muscles, but there’s more to a sexy body than biceps alone. Home gyms and online fitness videos can provide a number of workouts for women who are trying to tone. Many online fitness videos offer programs to tighten our tummies, work our thighs, and target those other so-called problem areas. Feeling taut, sexy, and strong can help us see ourselves as more than moms.

Beyond Fitness: For Busy Moms Who Need a Break
As important as fitness for busy moms is, some pampering is also essential in bringing back that sexy feeling. Is your baby still napping after your online fitness video is over? Take a bubble bath; paint your toenails. Home from a long jog? Throw on your favorite pair of jeans and cool down with a walk through the mall – and buy some new underwear while you’re out! Accept compliments and remind yourself daily that you are a fabulous, sexy, spectacular woman. And a pretty great mom, too.







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